Never Give Up On Your Turn-On.

Never give up on your turn-on.  Or your self-care.  Or your libido. I made this video on the fly yesterday as a celebration of my own perseverance.  I very much want it to be a shot in the arm for YOUR perseverance in living a turned-on life against (it seems!) all odds.  

In my busy world, 1,001 things get in the way of my turn-on, my joy, my "me time," my feeling good. Dozens of little catastrophes dry me up before 9 am every day.

And that's not likely to change. As you'll see in the video: kids will get sick, childcare will fall through at the last minute, the weather will delay your flight.

To live a turned-on life, we've got to constantly adapt, overcome, and improvise. And if we really insist on turn-on? We'll have to do it with good humor!

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Watch this video to see the shitstorm that befell my day (and almost kept me from getting some crucial - ahem - grooming) and how I flat-out made it happen, in spite of it all.

Love love,