I'm Michele Lisenbury Christensen.

I guide people along the spiritual path of vibrant sexuality and long-term relationship.  

In Western cultures, marriage, intimacy, love, and identity have all changed completely in the last 60 years. Women's visions for their lives are very different than their mothers' and grandmothers', but neither their skills nor their partners' skills have kept up with that evolution.

Most marriage experts don't address sex.  Many sex educators address sex with either a medical/dysfunction  model or with sensual tools that work great when sex is top priority, but aren't as useful for busy, ambitious couples in long-standing relationships.

My posts, coaching and courses help build your capacity to create and keep the kind of love and sex you desire - so you can help create the world you want to see - in the 21st century.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re not following @lisenbury then your life is not as hot or awesome as it could be.
— Rachel W. Cole
She has the most friendly-sultry voice imaginable for inviting you to turn yourself on, in ways that apply far beyond sexuality.
— Jude Spacks
There are too many women living a less than existence, or a less than marriage, because we’re stuck at good enough. There is a better way and Michele has discovered it.
— Victoria Prozan McGlinn