Conscious Men

Are you allowed to want it?

The things that nourish us are coded into our bodies as yearnings, so that we’ll go after them.  Our bodies won’t leave us alone until we have what they need.  But if we’re really good at ignoring those signals, they’ll go underground and start messing with us until they get our attention.  Let’s not let it come to that.  Let’s listen well to our own yearnings.  

How Do I Get My Partner To Open Up?

I used to ask him, “how was your day?”
Not that helpful.
When he seemed grumpy or withdrawn, I’d ask him, “What’s going on?”
He’d feel interrogated…. No matter how gentle I’d thought I had sounded.

The Nice Guy's Guide to A Turned-On Life: with more fun, more respect, and more sex

I adore men.  It breaks my heart that women so misunderstand you.  And it pisses me off that so many of the good things that have happened for (at least some) women in the past 50 years have created such funky dynamics between empowered women and the good guys who love them.  We emasculate you and ask you to contort yourselves in so many ways.  Not today, my darlings.  The following list of invitations is my way of calling you forward in all your masculine glory.