Michele Lisenbury Christensen

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I love love. 

Nowhere else in life do all our hopes and fears, passion and dread, desires and devotion come together in such a wild, beautiful, messy way. 

How do we learn to love? 
                            To make love? 

We all established our emotional vocabulary and our erotic architecture by learning from people who often were not qualified to teach these arts, let alone experienced in the kinds of erotic and emotional adventures we want to live.  

To live the potential of our hearts and bodies,
we must seek opportunities to:

  • rewire what's been coded into our brains and hearts

  • elevate our vision of what's possible in love and sex

  • build the habits and skills that will help us achieve those dreams 

I've dedicated my life to this exploration, both personally and professionally, and it's my great privilege to guide others as they design and create the love they desire.

When we expand our erotic intelligence and our relational mindfulness, we can go deeper in love & sex.

If you’re ready to improve your relationship or deepen your sensuality (or discover it for the first time) learn more about how to work with me.