7 Reasons To Master Your Own Power

I help people integrate the masculine and feminine sides of their personal power.  Many clients have hired me to help them develop more executive presence or to grow a business or find the love of a lifetime, but underneath all these objectives are seven recurring motivations.  It's time to  master your own power if:

You're tired of being tired.. or of repeatedly hitting burnout.

When we dissipate our power and don't effectively contain power, the side effects are long-term depletion and/or cycles of burnout/hide out/action/repeat.  Neither one is very fun after a while.  People who master their power can kick butt deliberately... and if they decide that a project is worth exhausting themselves for, they do so deliberately and plan in the recovery time.  They're masters of their vitality.

You want your presence to bring out the best in those around you.

We bring out the best in others when we're clear channels of the best qualities in us.  And we do that when we understand and mindfully use our own power.  We can call up the qualities that matter most to us and by embodying (literally, embodying!) those qualities, we can inspire and evoke them in others.  We're magic-makers and everyone can feel it, even if they can't put their finger on it.

You want a life of adventure, excitement, inspiration.

When we aren't mastering power, our lives often get into ruts or feel like mediocre fiction authored by someone else.  When we master our own power, we create scintillation every day, in ways uniquely satisfying to us.  For me, a night of dancing is exciting, but so is an afternoon needle-felting wee animals for my son Cooper to play with.  To each her own.  And that's another part of mastering your power:  being free from pursuing someone else's idea of a good time and thus liberated to craft your own.

You want to have plenty of energy left at the end of the day/week/minute... to not feel drained by people or tasks.

Powerful people who have yet to master all that power will often dissipate it on draining people or tasks that aren't their real work.  If there are people or activities in your life that suck you dry, you know who I'm talkin' to.  As you become more skillful with your power, you'll notice you get to keep more of your energy for your own uses, since your clear limits and skillful direction of your energy keep it from being sucked up by those erstwhile vampires.

You want to feel at choice about your own actions.

Compulsion is the hallmark of undirected power and energy.  Man, do I know this one!  Our power is so vast and - for many of us - so unknown - that it can be uncomfortable or downright frightening.  If you find you have a push-pull relationship with your favorite activities or your self-care, or if you get sucked into television, food, shopping, internet, or other numbing activities or substances, it may be because your relationship with your own power is an ambivalent one.  To mis-quote Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men": "You can't haaaanndle power!"  Or so you think... and that's when you dive into something that turns your power down, numbs it out, distances you from it.  As you master power, you will feel more at choice about your own action.

You want to feel supported by others, to receive.

Many people tell me they'd love to "receive" more often... but that the people around them aren't doing a whole lot of giving!  It's a little bit chicken-and-egg, but for sure, as you master your power, you get better at receiving (that is, letting in the support, love, encouragement, gifts, etc. that come your way - really letting them nourish you) AND you start noticing the offering that was there all the while.  Both of those things make it way more fun for the people around you to give to you.  And as you get better at knowing what you need, doing for yourself what you can, and asking clearly and without thorns for what you need from others, you feel way more supported and well-cared-for.  Niiiiice.

You know there's magic in you and in the world, and you want to see that magic in action, daily.

Was there a time in your life where you glimpsed the more energetic, more serendipitous world just behind the everyday world you see and touch all the time?  For many people there has been such a time - at least a moment - but they don't sustain such awareness most days.  Yet as we master our power, we come into a more intimate relationship with that world - which IS our world, IS reality.  Amazing, non-linear examples of time-stretching, super-productivity, deep intuition, and wild serendipity occur all the time, and you can work with them, see them, invite them, and enjoy them as you become more masterful with your power.

My coaching, writing, and courses always relate to these desires and to the skills and capacities related to these aspects of our power.  Use the contact button below if you're ready to master your own power.


Much love,