Do you give yourself permission to shine?

We are here to shine.  But how often do we give other women more permission to shine than we do ourselves?

  • "She looks awesome in those prints together.  I never know how to put things together like that."
  • "I love that bold lipstick on her... wish I could pull that off!"
  • "I just throw on what's handy each morning... I don't know how other mamas do it, pulling together a sassy look while getting OTHER people ready!"

I want for you to shine - to feel turned-on by your own look, your own energy.  

I want your clothes, your accessories, your scent, your walk to ENLIVEN you and those around you.

That's why I'm sharing my own stylist's free videos this week.

Hilary is the real deal.  She loves women and aliveness.  This is not fashion for surface's sake.  She's already taught me how to make the most of what's in my closet, but this fall I'm taking her Style & Styleability program to learn more.

Watch till the end of this video... I can't believe she cops a feel on a mannequin!

I'm so excited for S&S to start on October 15, and there'll be a little circle of my tribe gathering to join me in my style journey (and theirs). We'll get together for a special call with just us, to talk about how style and our sensual unfoldment work together. I can't wait to carry that conversation on with you.

If you have any questions about Style & Styleability or this affiliate partnership I've got with the amazing Hilary, please let me know. In a way, it's like I get to take a program and offer a program at the same time, because we're using HER brilliance in an area where I'm still learning... but my community also gets to weave in MY brilliance and flavor, around finding our sensuality and vitality no matter our size, shape, age, or relationship status. If this calls to you... if you're ready for more fun, more compliments, more energy-exchange with more people, more sense of play and creativity within your own body and your own look every day... Join me.