How Do I Make Valentine’s Day A Happy Occasion?

Valentine’s Day, oh, Valentine’s Day.

We love you.  We hate you.  All the potential… all the pressure.  Especially in a long-term relationship… very few of which get through 5 or 10 or 20 Februaries without some “Ghosts of Valentines Past” haunting them and making both partners gunshy for the next.

But February 14 can be good.  Really good.  

We CAN make this a day of love.  

We CAN step forward with courage and clarity and give generously and receive delightedly.  

We CAN celebrate rather than fretting or token-ing.  

I’m here to help.  Click below to download my Valentine’s Day Request Note template.  It practically writes itself!  All you have to do is insert how you actually want to feel, how you want your partner to experience this day, and what you think will help you both feel that.  It’ll be easy.

What’s more, I’ll give you some language here that you can pop into the blanks I’ve left in the template:

  • “Love, I really want to feel like we’re taking the time to celebrate us and the love we share.”
  • “We’ve been so busy.  It’s nobody’s fault, but we’ve neglected US a little.  I’d love to feel really seen by you, like I’ve got your undivided attention (and you’ve got mine, bigtime!).”
  • “I want to feel thought-of.  Like you dedicated some care - in what I know is a busy week - to sharing your heart with me and helping me feel your love.”
  • “I’d love to shake things up a little.  It’s so easy to let our love get into a routine… Let’s have an itty bitty adventure for Valentine’s Day.”  (take this as G-rated or as exotic as you want it!)

Click, download, and try the template now.  Let’s make Valentine’s Day sweet.

Valentine's Day Request Note