The Coaching Partnership


Today, conscious, privileged people must be
If we're settling, in love, in work,
in our felt experience of aliveness and divinity...

When we engage in the ceaseless striving, proving, earning-it, self-flagellation, and affirmation of inadequacy that our culture dictates, we remain so wrapped up in our own misery - or our own attainments, or our own "rewards" and compensations for all our hard work - there's not enough energy or attention left over for the problems in the world that desperately need our creativity and activism.
Tuning out the shoulds and the pacifying lure of "good enough" and tuning into desire is a revolutionary act.  It sounds self-indulgent when filtered through the conditioning of the culture of ceaseless striving, but when we take those goggles off, using our internal compass is simply human, utterly divine, and immensely practical.

Coaching with me is not about more get-off.  

It is not my purpose to add sparkly baubles to your ego's treasure chest or to make you more desirable to the eyes of those who would consume you.  

I am here to stoke the fire you are, because you -- fully alive, fueled on the highest-octane stuff we can find -- are our only hope.  

An ongoing coaching partnership - with you or with the two of you - acknowledges this higher purpose for your love, your life, your everyday pleasure.  At the same time, it helps you roll up your sleeves and focus on the specific everyday challenges you face on the path.


Apply for a no-pressure
coaching consultation

We'll spend about half an hour talking about where you are, what you desire, and how I work with clients in our initial 12 week engagement.  If we're a match, we can begin right away.  If not, and if you'd like some, I'll have other recommendations to match where you are.