You love your partner.  You thought you'd be together for years and years.  Still, your relationship has:

  • too many arguments
  • too much painful, stony silence
  • not enough fun
  • too little pleasure and comfort 
  • a visceral feeling of impending explosion... or leaden heaviness

 No one's taught us to have the kind of love we long for. 

  • Were the adults in your family happily partnered?
  • Were you taught skills for emotional and physical intimacy as thoroughly as you learned fractions or adjectives?
  • What did your first lovers or partners teach you about discovering your own body's desires?
  • Did you learn how to give pleasure to another while holding onto your autonomy?
  • Compared to when you remember the easiest, most carefree sex or love... How complicated is life now?

We never learned to have great love or great sex... AND the shared responsibilities, the intensity, the long to-do lists we hold now.

When you're pretty good at just about everything else, and you really do love your partner, it can be agonizing to feel, again and again, like you're failing at this oh-so-important endeavor.

That's why I offer Settle Down Together. 

It's a couples' coaching program that helps both partners view the relationship and their place in it from a new vantage. 

When you Settle Down Together, you begin to see changes:

  • Stress and uncertainty are replaced by contentment, ease, and fun.  
  • If you've got kids (or want them), instead of worrying about hurting them or passing down painful relationship patterns, you feel pride as they admire and emulate your skillful approach.
  • Has sex become a source of conflict or upset?  It becomes a place where you share pleasure and reduce stress.  You get to deeply see and be seen, give and receive, care and be cared for.

Maybe lately:

  • you fight too much or talk too little
  • sex is fine or there's a painful gap between your desire levels
  • maybe you're basically platonic

Regardless, Settle Down Together  helps you stop repeating those familiar, frustrating dynamics.  I stick with you to support the implementation of new perspectives, skills, and habits so you don't add to that grim list of "things we tried that didn't help - not enough, at least - long-term."



Couples come to this work together when they're ready to get

  • direct feedback

  • proven tools

  • personal support to rewire their brains and create LASTING change

Would you like to:

  • Fight less and feel more heard, understood, respected and cherished

  • Parent together in a satisfying way (if relevant)

  • Adjust to a change that's disrupted the way you relate  (such as a new child, a betrayal, extended-family or financial circumstances, a health situation, or newfound clarity about what one or both of you want)

  • Shed your old patterns and consciously design "our way" of relating, communicating, deciding, and giving and receiving love

  • Get onto the same page about sex: how often? when? what do we do? how do we talk about it? 

This is what I do with couples who're experiencing the wrong relationship even though they are with the right partner.  They learn to settle down... TOGETHER. 

You can move beyond struggling and become the partners you both deserve.  




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