You desire:

  • Deeper connection... sexually and otherwise.

  • Revitalization.  Between you and within you.

  • To feel more seen, known, adored by one another.

  • Perhaps relief from niggling friction or resentment.

  • SOMETHING different, but still TOGETHER.


Committed love?  It's not for the faint of heart!

Sexual delight with the same partner, sustained or renewed over many years?  That's a challenge... and a worthwhile spiritual opportunity.

In The Rendezvous Session - and your pre-work - we'll dig into what's going on now and what you each desire.  You'll gain:

  • More clarity about how your partner is thinking and feeling
  • A sense of being understood by both me and your partner, and the peace of knowing you both make a ton of sense
  • A refreshing approach to the situation 
  • More turn-on and excitement - both sexually and in the rest of life
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If you click below, you'll be taken to my calendar for rendezvous sessions.  You can pick a date that works for both of you, pay for your session, and receive an email confirmation with questions for each of you to reflect upon before we speak and send the answers back to me.  

The day before our appointment, I'll send you a reminder and a request to send me a succinct encapsulation of where you are and what you desire so we can hit the ground running.  

At the designated time, we'll meet via a Zoom conference - video if you're comfortable, or just audio - and we'll speak for up to 2 hours, presuming you're on time.  If you wish, I'll record our call for your reference and review.

I'll also welcome a follow-up email a week or 2 later, to let me know how you're applying your session, and I'll reply with what I'm hearing and my responses to any questions you ask then.



Tools, perspectives, and practices that match your situation and desires.  Each Rendezvous Session is unique. Clients have gained:

  • A new way of thinking about "getting to sex" and 2 practices that help them shift gears each night, whether they're going to be sexual or not.
  • Relief from laying out and clearing up an ongoing source of pain between them, and a simple format for bringing up hurts of this sort in the future.
  • An understanding of what each of them needs at the end of the day and the communication cues that speak to each of their hearts, so they can both get what they need without the other feeling either dropped or invaded.
  • Sensual games, tailored to the ways they each really want to feel inside their erotic union, to revitalize and deepen their pleasure together.
  • A fresh take on fantasy and its deeper purpose and potential, plus non-cheesy ways of engaging with one another's fantasies and opening up new territory in both their lives, reaching far beyond the sexual sphere.
  • The recognition of which "logistical" conversations were getting in the way of them feeling relaxed and close and a new structure for ensuring those conversations happen regularly without them taking over the relationship.

We can go any direction you need.  My nuanced, comprehensive understanding of the complexities of modern married life and sexuality - along with a non-pathologizing approach - will help us get to the root of your challenge and spare us all from over-analysis or silly "spice things up" tricks.

Can't wait to meet you both!