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This magnificent reading is like the love child of an astrology session and a therapy session, with a little bit of erotica throw in for fun.  Learn the contours of your heart, through the lens of 15 potent questions, then swirled together with my wisdom.  These answers will serve you for years to come.

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This reading takes your answers to 15 key questions  and swirls them in with my training, experience and intuition to produce a one-of-a-kind guide to help you

- know what you need and most desire in love and sex
- understand the relationship patterns that have left you yearning
- convey your desires, limits, boundaries, and requirements in a way that gets you what you want and need
- love and celebrate yourself and all your light and dark facets more than ever before

You'll receive the link to your questions as soon as you purchase.  Once I have your answers, within 3 business days I'll send you your reading as an audio file plus my notes on your answers.  

You can also choose to add on a 50 minute private coaching call to deepen your learning and put this new self-knowledge into action.  Either way, what a beautiful gift to yourself!