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You're so good together.  And life is good. 

But good is not what you're here for, is it?

You both love to absolutely rock everything you do.  Why would love and sex be any different?

So you yearn to take this very good love to a whole new level.  Here's the amazing news: 

If you can imagine even more pleasure, more intimacy, more aliveness, 

it's because it's available to you... And because you need it. 

Also?  The world needs the biggest love you're capable of embodying.  

When you two are shining your brightest, that light will illuminate some of the corners of existence that are crying out to be transformed. 

You can't yet imagine all that will become possible as your love -- your confidence, security, bandwidth, energy, and joy -- expand even further.  But buckle up, 'cause I'll tell you this:  It is going to be gooooooood!

That's why I offer Loving for Good for already-happy couples. 

Do you want to be:

  • More intuitively attuned to one another

  • Kind and deeply self-aware, even when triggered

  • More connected after any clash

  • Confident in expressing every layer of your self & relationship with your body

  • Great at tending to your partner's vulnerable spots without either caretaking or needing to distance

  • Skilled in taking pleasure to new heights and intimacy to new depths, even as years together add up

  • Able to quickly see when fears, desires, or anger trigger reactivity, then use tools to recover & grow

  • Experiencing a fulfilling relationship yourselves, while also planting seeds of conscious love and sex for future generations

  • Creating a legacy of good for your family, friends, and community, as well as with vulnerable communities, individuals, and systems across the earth

Whether you desire more excitement, deeper serenity,
new confidence, or more impact, I can help you create it. 

I'd love to get to know you.



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