Intimacy is my currency. What's yours?


What is currency to you?” my coach asked me.  

I’m always rewriting my relationship with money… with service… with abundance…

I'm always intending to wake up more, to open to more freedom, to harness more power to quench thirst - my own and others’, to be quiet inside, to direct resources toward women-owned businesses, solving howling injustice, building roads and paying schoolteachers and thanking the conduits of wisdom who replenish my well again and again and again.

So I’m working on currency.  

What matters more than money?  

Why do I do what I do? Why would I do it even if I had to pay, rather than getting paid, to do it?

It came to me immediately:  

Intimacy is currency to me.


The laughs that come when my dearest friends and I know one another SO well and have years (or decades) of "old jokes" and new ways to crack one another up.  The trust I place in them, and the trust they place in me.  The forgiveness.  The adoration.  The 110% oh, hell yes! to one another’s dreams and evolutions.  And the way we’ve traveled this road together so long that we’re not surprised that we each keep learning the same lesson, deeper each time ‘round.  But of course.


The breathtaking privilege of being invited into the most-secret, most-sacred corners of clients' worlds. The way they let me both challenge and adore them.  The way they let me instigate turn-on and hard conversation and forays past the edge of the known.


The moments when I am more than naked, and so is he, and we are taking one another to a place we didn't know existed and where we don't know what we'll find. We're scared and tender and overflowing with sensation and it's all ours ours alone.


With my sisters and my sister-in-law, the knit-together-ness of sharing DNA (and sometimes not - we’re a blended family - but somehow I think we’ve melded our bloodline nonetheless, these 35 years) and heritage and past and future… and now with their children and my children and all the hope and joy and pain and US that will flow through this family for years and years and the delicate immortality we will each attain through the blessings and light we pass on through how we care for one another.

That's currency to me.  It’s what pays me.  It’s what makes me rich beyond measure.  And it’s what I lavish - like frankincense, myrrh, gold, saffron, jewels and rose petals - on everyone around me.  What's currency to you?